• Personalized Frame tv
    Personalized Frame tv
  • The Frame  Art showcased
    The Frame Artshowcasedd
  • The Frame  picture frame
    The Frame pictureframee
  • Wind Free air conditioner
    Wind Free air conditioner
  • WindFree airconditioner
    WindFree airconditioner
  • Wind-Free airconditioner
    Wind-Free airconditioner
  • WindFree air conditioner
    WindFree air conditioner
  • QLED TV QStyle QSmart
    QLED TV QStyle QSmart
  • The Next Innovation in TV
    The Next Innovation in TV
  • window to easy washing
    window to easy washing

UMG Plaza - Jeddah Saudi Arabia

UMG — United Matbouli Group

Your gateway to everything Samsung. The exclusive dealers for Samsung home appliances and consumer electronics in Saudi Arabia. We aim to offer the best in customer service and competitive prices.

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