United Matbouli Group, the exclusive agent of Samsung Electronics in Saudi Arabia, celebrated the launch of the main Samsung showroom situated at Almady Street, Ruwais district, Jeddah. The showroom is described as the largest Kingdomwide. Hence, it aims to better serve the customers and enhance the Samsung Electronics brand across the Saudi market.

Adnan Matbouli, chairman of Almatboli United Group, said: "This showroom is designed to reflect the specifications and characteristics of the products through provision of ample space where customers can walk within the showroom peacefully and freely. The products exhibited in this room includes air-conditioners, cell phones, data technology apparatus, home appliances and entertainment applications that suits various age groups and customers needs.” 
About the showroom design theme, Adnan Matboli, added: “The main objective of the design is to allow customers direct access and interaction, visualization understanding types of products, usage, technology and other aspects. In addition, it is fun to stroll in such magnificent showroom. Moreover, we take our position in the market seriously taking into consideration that our share represents 35 percent of electronic products Kingdomwide. This remarkable achievement is attained through our understanding of our customers’ needs and aspirations.”
Matbouli said: “It is worth mentioning that we achieved the highest level in relation to Saudization of our work force. Thus, Saudi staff assigned to 29 branches of Samsung showrooms Kingdomwide reached 50. Furthermore, we are planning to launch 5 new branches in the last quarter of 2013. With the launch of the new branches, surely the number of Saudi staff will increase.”
Matbouli said: “The launch of the newly designed showroom is the outcome of our strategy to enhance and expand its operations network all over Saudi Arabia. We are not concentrating in sales outlets only but also service and repair workshops. As a result, the existing network represents 16 branches and workshops dedicated to serve our customers in respect of sales, repair and maintenance of household appliances, air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and kitchen stoves.


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