Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology and consumer electronics, launched for the first time in the Kingdom on Wednesday a campaign to reach out to all consumers and traditions in different areas. The drive, dubbed Samsung Journey in KSA, will continue till April 24.
Inspired by people everywhere to live smart, the nationwide campaign invites individuals to join Samsung in exchanging each other’s traditional background. Samsung will be heavily involved in exploring cultures of different regions of the Kingdom, while different regions will be experiencing and learning to adopt the smart life linked with the most innovative technologies created to this day by Samsung Electronics.

Visitors can wander through Samsung’s conjoined vehicles that arrive in their local cities or towns and experience how truly living smart can be life changing, especially in an age where technology defines how people plan and run their day to day lives.
Samsung seeks not only to unveil the world of technology, but rather bring forth and expose the never losing traditional heritage of each individual city and town across the Kingdom and learn about how these cultures make up the country.
Jae Cheon Park, GM, Samsung Electronics, Saudi Arabia said: “The new Samsung drive has come to add more pleasure and excitement to users in the Kingdom, embodying the spirit of communication between the electronic giant and local communities and work hand in hand toward the smart life philosophy. The moving service center will offer services for mobile devices and collect consumers’ feedback and insure consumers’ satisfaction. We are a company that lives and operates in the Kingdom adopting the way of life and learning of each region that is extremely unique in its culture.”
Qusai Mukhtar, PR manager at Samsung Electronics in Saudi Arabia, stated: “Everyone will be able to keep up to date with us on the happenings as it takes place across multiple social media channels and follow Samsung’s journey to different areas, and experience the smart technologies being brought near them, while they demonstrate to Samsung the traditions that have been passed over generations to this day,” added Mukhtar.
“Participants will be able to partake in online quizzes, competitions and keep up-to-date on the journey of the moving experience zone online and learn with us on the wonders of every city and town.”
The campaign is brought by Samsung Electronics and its partner United Matbouli Group with the aim to reach out to the whole Kingdom, where the moving experience zone will be stopping for five days in each city and town.


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