Refrigerator SBS RS552NRUAWWA

Price: 4,899 SAR
Manufacturer: Samsung
With the new RS554, it’s what you don’t see that helps bring refined beauty into your home. The stylish Tower LED lighting bathes the interior with light that beautifully presents all your groceries.


Product Features

Bring frost-free freshness into your kitchen


You no longer have to empty out the fridge or freezer during a routine defrosting, because there is no more routine defrosting. Samsung’s No Frost feature ensures even cooling to eliminate frost and icy build-ups. Now you can keep all your perishables fresh and nutritious, and have more time for other chores or fun activities. What’s more, by maintaining an even temperature, No Frost puts less demands on energy needs, which increases the durability of the cooling system.



  • Size: 20 CFT
  • Color Steel
  • Blue LED display
  • Twin colling System
  • Multi Floe
  • Power Cool

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